New design out on my walls!
This dreamy dress is very different from my usual releases, and it's dedicated to an SL friend and fellow designer.
Amutey DeCuir, owner of Bliss Couture, has been a dear friend for a long time, and when I saw the gown she made for Starlight Exclusives I absolutely loved the primwork on the skirt.
I wanted to make something similar, soft, airy and chic at the same time.
That's how I came up with this cute dress with a LOAD of prims flowing gently in the air.
The skirt is not too long while it sits quite high on the waist line. It is made up of three pieces to follow your legs while dancing and ensure a perfect coverage.
The top has a vaporous attachment, as well, going all around the breasts and shoulders.
A pair of sheer gloves is included.

The dresses are transferable, as all my items. The whole collection (six different colours) can also be purchased in a convenient pack to save over 40%.
Top and pants come on all layers.
The whole outfit is quite laggy, or better: although there are gowns or even single hair styles that have a higher rendering cost, this dress surely has a higher ARC than any of my other items. Should this be a problem, the ARC value can be lowered a bit if the central skirt attachment is detached, and/or by detaching the sleeves attachments. These changes don't alter the ensemble too much and will lower the ARC of about 1 third.


Hope you like them:)

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