Starlight Exclusives: behind the scenes

The time has come to write something about Starlight Exclusives design I baked for this first fall season.

When Rubystarlight Writer, founder and CEO of Starlight Exclusives, contacted me this summer, I felt so honoured that I was given the chance to be one of the few creators selected to make exclusives items to sell at her awesome new boutique.

So, this first exclusive outfit is inspired by fall season.
Here in Italy, fall means a lot of things: leaves start falling, the air gets cooler, days get shorter...
But one particular event that is very strictly related to autumn in this region is the collecting and selling of grapes.
This is what I thought as I was looking for a theme for my design. I thought that instead of focusing on the leaves or on the cold weather, I would let vintage be the protagonist.

Grapes and wine suggested me one main idea of joy, merriment... and folly, the happy folly that arises in you when you have good wine during a nice dinner with friends.
It is not a secret that I have been experimenting with very dangerous leg showing and wild, uneven skirts... so I restored the burlesque atmosphere I had created with my Queue de Paon and rivisited the style to make it fit autumn.
I wouldn't say I made it a Victorian outfit (far from that), but I tried to give it a retro look: something between a witch outfit and a courtesan robe. Both these figures have some folly in them, I thought. A witch is an evil and rather twisted lady, while courtesans... well, I bet they used to have quite a lot of wine:)

As my usual, I went with more than one colour option.
A ruby red version was necessary, since wine -and, to me, wine is mainly RED WINE- had been the starter of all my inspiration.
Then, well, what would fall be without falling leaves? I called my fallen leaves version "Sunset", thinking sunset is that moment in the life of a leaf, while it flows down slowly towards its 'death' when meeting the ground.
The last colour is there to represent the cool air, the windy days that take summer away and clear the way for winter.

This is what was buzzing in Clio's head as she was drawing and arranging prims around her waist, chest and head. I hope people will be able to catch some of the meaning of the whole dress even without reading these words... but maybe they'd need to be as crazy as me for that, and I don't really wish that to anyone (lol).

Oh... I was about to forget!
Stay tuned for my new release coming this weekend!!! Dedicated to a friend:)
Many hugs and best wishes for a lovely day!

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