YES! To Pink Shirt day!

So, I finally managed to get my hands on PC and uploaded a pink tank top I am having free in my store for a few days.
Why this shirt?
Because of the Pink Shirt day campaign, which is an RL campaign against bullying. The Pink Shirt day in RL is on the 25th of February, but it looks like it spread a bit later on SL.
Today there was a lot of noise about it on Plurk. Many posts were shared (Berry and many others...) originating from Lawless' post on Pink Shirt Day.

It is a bit late, but I think the message should be sent out, and it doesn't matter if SL's Pink Shirt day is going to be the 9th of March, as far as we speak up:)



Strawberry Singh said...

It's never too late. Thank you, I got the shirt and it is beautiful. <3

Clio said...

I am glad you grabbed it, and yes, never too late :)
I hope we will be able to keep the tradition up and be ready for next year:)