New outfits, models and plans.

Have very very little time to talk now, will say something more later.

First, let's welcome to my 'Hot Models' group of girls the 3 beauties that modeled for me today. Got 4 gorgeous new casual outfits out, one modeled by myself.
Then, quickly, let's talk about CCard's... cause maybe, soon, you guys won't be hearing about it anymore...
NOT because I plan to stop designing and selling my stuff (would never do that!). But because I think the name is not too good. Hard to remember, mispelled by the most, and not too cute, anyways (lol). What was I thinking back then?
Anyways... one of the possibilities, the most POSSIBLE one, is that the name will just be 'Clio'. Easy to remember, not too hard to spell (apart from those who call me Cleo lol) and a lot more personal:)
I also thought of a possible new sign for it. I'd like you guys to post a comment on which one u prefer (Kuc and Pall... thanx for reading my blog all the time, and u don't have to post anything lol, I already know which one u prefer):

So? lol, tell me what u think... will take some time to decide, and still have to play with colors, cause I might not have it like this... we'll see.


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