OK, store name changed already.

The hunt for a nice, cheap, and 'big enough' piece of land is still on.
Maybe will be able to speed it up a little, but from now on I will have increasing RL business to take care of, so it might all skip to October, who knows.
So, this is the new logo!

Do you like it? (too late to say "No", anyways lol).
Yesterday I changed all my signs around in my vendors. I hope I didn't forget any of them... if anyone sees a "Ccard's" sign around, or notices a LM giver still gives old CCard's LM, send me an IM (lol).
The logo was such a pain to develop!

Had to ask Key's, Pall's, Kuc's (well, she didn't get to see the final result before it was out), and nanon's opinion... most of them was stuck on the dark version, let me tell you. But I just preferred light background:)

Mwah to all of you, thanx for the opinion (don't get mad if I chose the one u didn't pick lol).

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