New stuff at my store:)

Hey people, while SL is down, I'm taking a little time to show you my latest things:)

I am so proud of them... cause I am trying to broaden my styles, add shades or maybe use lace.
Here is a cute lingerie+tiny outfit set.
I LOVE it!
Wear it a lot lol.
And this is a new gown, with lace suit:

(got compliments by 6 people at Phat's... I'm about to cry! lol).
And the skin I used to model this last one was kindly offered by Charlize Klaar. She's a skin designer, who's trying to get her skins to be known around, so if you like it IM her and let her know:) She makes unique designs (says she plans of selling just a few of each on sl).
... these days I met tons of NOOBIES! lol. Have at least 10 new friends among new people and others who just happened to talk to me. OMG, my friends list is gonna explode!
But... for many reasons, I got to see Pall alone for no more than a few minutes. We haven't had proper time together in a long time. Kind of miss him:) *kiss*

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