Navigli City Outfit & New Land!!!

Been so long since my last post, but the truth is I got so RL busy that I couldn't make anything new, and with no new outfits it's hard to find something to write about (and anyways, being busy also implies 'not having time to blog' :)).
Here I am now, with two news to share with you:
first of all, I finally released something new.
It's the third outfit from the Milano City Outfits line. I went with short and cute this time, so it's a long sleeves tiny dress.
I also added some funky-colourful stockings, and you can really see I was in a strong need for some spice, cause the colours this time are even crazier than ever (if possible...).
Here are the posters for the new release:

Then, another great news is that I finally got more land!
I bought a parcel that is double the size of what I already owned, and it's right next to my old one, so now I will have to rebuild the entire store to make it spread over the 2 pieces:)
My walls were seriously suffering from overload lol, so it's awesome that I can finally make something new, and hopefully better (this means I will take some time to build it in a nice way, and will see if I can come up with something a bit more pleasing at the sight than my actual store:)

That's all folks!

Hope to have some other news soon. Bye bye.


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