Work in progress on the revised Natasha...

So... I am taking a little break from RL, and as I force myself to stay out of sl, I decided to give you some news about recent happenings.
First of all, some might have noticed the old Natasha is not for sale anywhere anymore.
I am going through a revision process for it, cause it had many major flaws, which I will also tell you about, when I have more time and some explanatory pictures, and I felt a bit bad selling it as the only Natasha around.
Anyways, the one you see is a snapshot with some random colours... the green is still to be defined. Between the 2 I have there, I would say the one on the left is the best one (don't mind the gloves, they are from the azul version, which will be gorgeous, I love it). But the one on the left I was also told "it's a bit Christmasy", so I don't know what I'll end up doing.... maybe a lighter and rich version. I am still in pain for this lol. I am a picky colour-picker...;-P

So, the Natasha will have the same cut of the old gown for the top (just slighlty corrected something) but will not have the front split on the skirt. It will be in 2 versions, one with a silvery and thin prim skirt, another all same colour of the top. Both the skirts will be kind of long in the back.
I am sorry for taking the split off the design, but as I will be explaining to you on some future post, front splits are something nearly 'unrealisable' on SL. The old Natasha was a try I made back then, and unfortunately it was proven to be a 'not too good' dress :-(
This means the old Natasha will be back out for sale when the new one is released, but it will be priced half, like I did for the Magnete and the Evelyn.
I will also add a pair of solid stockings (which I will place out for free for all those who want to upgrade their dress), those seem to help a bit with the problems a front split creates.

I guess the new gowns will be released when my store is expanded. This should happen maybe during next weekend. I just had very little time to work on 'building' lately, so I had to delay the expansion.
I will post here any news, of course.

Hugs to you all! If you have suggestions on the Natahsa, or ideas for new designs, feel free to leave comments:)


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