Valentine's Day Lingerie!

Last time I forgot to post about a lingerie set I released for Valentine's day!
It's a bra and panties set, plus a sheer little 'nightdress' with flexi prim babydoll attachment.
I used for it the same textures I had drawn to revise the Evelyn Gown, so I called it 'Evelyn Lingerie', and I think I might as well have out some more lingerie of the same line.
It fits perfectly under the top of the Evelyn gown, and the little straps of the bra, worn under the strap-less top of the gown, make it look like a third top option.
I made it in 2 colours just cause I love colour options, and I thought it might help pleasing more of you:)
These sets will be available until Valentine's Day, then they'll be off from the walls.
Also, there are still copies of the Rosalina lingerie to be sold... so whoever wants to get lingerie for a special girl, can also go with that, and be sure to get something unique, as only 50 of them will be around sl at the end.
Well, that's it! Take care!

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