Thank you, customers!

Hello everyone:)
I shouldn't be online now: plenty of RL work to do... but I procrastinate everytime, and so I just logged on this blog to say something to all my customers, to all those who have bought something from me.
Thank you all:)

As many might have heard, there are serious matters going on with SL content creation, and selling of content that might be stolen. The truth is: even if I hate to see that someone's effort can be taken off their creations and used for someone elses' purposes, there is always going to be good business for us creators until our good customers keep preferring us to stolen goodies.
So even if, having such a little business myself, I have never had any problem with that (lol), I still feel like thanking all those who showed appreciation for my creations and for the effort I have made.

I see people out there, designers who think they can walk over others, who just don't care about this. They maybe don't know that what makes a designer's strength are their customers, not how big they make themselves. From a customer's point of view, I would never buy something from people who think they are God and they make the best things around.
I never criticise other people's prices, because everyone has their own rule to measure their effort.
I am talking about when someone says "This designer is not as famous as I am, so he/she doesn't deserve to have a store in a good position, while I DO". LOL, believe me... hard to hold my laughter at such words... and yes, people go around saying that.
Not going to point my finger at anyone, would never do that.
I just hope all you customers will always open both your eyes when buying something, and will always go around promoting/criticising the work of a designer basing your words on YOUR OWN thoughts.
Would never suggest that people need to learn how to judge dresses in a better way, because, let's say it: quality is hardly defined on SL (no materials to be considered, no sewing... nothing), what is good is what looks good, mainly. And if you see something made by a huge name (or a 'wanna-be huge' :)) on SL, and think it looks crap... well, then probably it IS crap lol. Noone is perfect. Every designer/builder has something they are not proud of. It's just a matter of admitting it, instead of making a fool of themselves splattering everywhere how they are soooo big and famous.
This counts for every designer, including me: the name is not always important. Judge the things with your own eyes/heart/head... whatever tells you something.
Don't just fall for seeing someone's store everywhere, or so nicely furnished.
If what they sell is not worth it, or if they use mischievous means to make themselves 'Gods', and dig a hole to make all the others fall, please SEE it. A name doesn't justify anything.
If some big RL name makes a dress that is seriously crap, noone will buy it, everyone will just recognise it's been a flop, and the RL designer made something not worth their name. On SL, it should be the same, or even more.
Here, you customers have the chance to directly talk to most of the designers. There are a number of very big names around, and they are residents just like YOU are. Many of them will let you chat them up, many would personally say: IM me for any problem. The contact with SL designers is so easy that there should be no "God to peasants" relation between them and the customers.
If you see a designer that acts like you should bow at their feet, trust me, they just know it takes much more than what they have to be BIG on SL... and they think a threatening presence can substitute the talent/creativity/ability.

Woow, I sound so mean in this post:) Sorry if I scared you... even though, np, cause noone will read this post, most likely lol.

Just again: a thank you to all those who bought from me, and a HUGGY thank you to all those who left feedback:) (hoping it came from their own head:)).

Bye bye everyone!
Sorry for my madness... :)


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