Katia line out!

I have released a new formal line in 4 different styles.
I made a ballgown, a long dress, an evening gown and a fluffy gown with a little split that I called Delicata.
The Evening dress is here shown in Peach, in a special version I will have for 1L$ to group members till the 15th of June.
It is NO Transfer, and the vendor will give you back the money paid if you are not wearing your tag, so be aware of that;)

Also, here is a sample poster for a complete package in another colour, pink, among the 11 available.
I might soon post also a general poster with all the colours as I did for the last releases, but today I just had no time to take care of that, as I was dealing with pictures that took around 20 minutes each because of that friggin skirt bug! Lol, every time I changed outfit I had to wait a LOOONG time before the system skirt would load... and I am actually not 100% sure all the pictures came out with system skirt fully rezzed... oh well!

I hope you like them!!! Let me know what you think;)


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