Katia <-- All colours:)

Here, as I promised, a poster with all the colours available for my new release:) (all but the peach, strictly reserved to group members).
Hope you love them:))) Come see them all in store hehe, as always, I have demos out, too.

Then, let me show you a little dress I made for my friend Silvia's club. I called it the Silvia Dress (lol), and made it in purple and only available at her club, Little Italy in the World, for 1 single L$:)
Isn't it cute? I plan on making different colours every TOT time (still to define lol), always and ONLY available there.... so be sure to check out Little Italy In the World:)

Also... since I am splashing of all recent new things, I will also give you a taste of the dress I made for The Love Bugg hehe... the owner Jenniferbugg is such a cutie that I wanted to do something special for her place, so ta dah:

Be sure to visit The Love Bugg, too!
Muah to all!


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