Photocontest winners!

Hey hey!
I wanted to post here the pictures that won my photocontest!!!
3 wonderful shots!

The first one you see was turned in from LadyRed Sautereau, wearing the Drousilla dress.
Second shot you see...it's my super friend Kuci! She has on my Jacqueline Burgundy gown... my fave!
AAAAnd, last but NOT least: a pasting of pictures by Shylah Oceanlane, modeling my Katia Peach Evening Dress, the freebie I had out for group members!

A super round of claps for these 3 awesome ladies!
And a big hug to ALL those who turned in a picture... it was a very hard choice (Pall can witness that) but at the end had to come out with the very best, and these are, to me:)

Have a great day!


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