Last days of group&picks gift!

Hey hey folks :)
I am sorry I am being absent all the time... but RL calls and I can't pretend I can't hear!

So, well, while I let you wait for some new releases that should come some time in July (probably around the middle of the month... I already know I will be busy for the first entire week) I wanted to remind you about the gift I placed in my store some weeks ago.
It is free for subscribers and for group members who added my store to their profile. Beware that for the 2 'categories' of people there are 2 different vendors, both located at the centre of my store. Just read the text on the vendor itself to se if it's the one for group or the one for subscribers :) -the gift is exactly the same for the 2 anyways.
I will leave these vendors rezzed in my store for another few days. On Monday, I will get them offline, until I have a new gift ready. If you haven't taken them yet, make sure you do! :D

Also, don't forget about Midsummer Amusements finally at my main store (woot!) and about FDC photocontest, still running for another week!


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