Mech Angel by Danielle Harrop

My, my!
Isn't this outfit interesting and definitely out of ordinary?
"Mech Angel" is the outfit Danielle Harrop has created for Fashion Designers' Challenge!
She was challenged by Shir Dryke to make an outfit inspired by a Mecha Angel.
I guess I might share what Danielle told me: she had to google those words to actually grasp what Shir might have meant with the string "Mecha Angel"... and if I have to be completely honest, I would have googled it too!
From the net, you can find loads of images of mecha angels being cyber-like creatures with wings... kind of futuristic angel figures (although... ehm... I doubt they are supposed to be 'nice people' :)).

And well, I think that despite her initial doubts, Danielle came out with a very cool tiny outfit that really matches the requirements!

The cloths are all made up of micro chips and computer-like components, giving a very robotic look.
For the wings, Danielle chose a sheer squared pattern, that is also on the little skirt. The overall result is something between a cyber warrior and a sweet fairy... which afterall makes sense. It had to be an angel, and I do expect something sweet and delicate when talking about angels.

As for all the other FDC items, you can pick it up at one of the FDC stores (Road to OZ, Sn@tch City) until the 16th of May... and at Danielle's mainstore after that date:)

Oh! I am such a mess!
I was about to forget a GREAT news about Fashion Designers Challenge!
We are having a PHOTO CONTEST! Wooot!
The prize is a huge giftbag with loads of FDC items! For more information, read here!

Congratulations to Danielle for her challenge's outcome ;)


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