Hey all!
Just sharing a little preview of what is possibly coming by the first days of next week.
It's a short and colourful dress with sculpted skirt.

I am still working on finishing it, but it might be out in a few light and cheerful colours very soon :)

A little information: the sale I am having for the bunch of retiring items will be over next weekend! I think I waited even too long before throwing those things away. :)
So, well, come pick them up if you're still interested! I lowered everything even more!
[To the store]

Also, thanks to all who have filled in the survey I sent out.
I am still going to wait until next weekend before actually making conclusions, because I didn't get too many back yet. Please, do send them back, as it will allow me to change towards the best direction.
If you need a copy of it, let me know and I will gladly send it your way :)

Lots of hugs,

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