Say Goodbye to many 2007 items...

Just a quick word!
My retiring sale, that's been going on forEVER, is finally going to end next weekend. Prices down to less than 10% their original price!
You can either come by my main store, or BUY ON XSTREETSL at SALE price!
Yes, my oldest creations, the items I started my business with, they are all going to be taken off my walls and off XstreetSL in a week.
Then, the next step will be to actually update XstreetSL with the products released at the end of 2008 and through all 2009!
Make sure to at least browse those things priced 10/25/75 L$, and have a laugh :)
I think I can say I improved quite a lot since back then, but looking at those items awakens so many memories that I feel very sad in throwing them away.
[To my main store]
[To my XstreetSL page]

Oh, well, stay tuned for news!

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