CCard's new store!

:) I am sooo happy!

Today CCard's got a new store at Queen Celtic's Shops!

It's a rental area brother Disco designed, and we are renting lots of stores at fair prices (so for anyone interested, come and check them out;)).

And of course how could CCard's not be among the Queen Celtic's shops?

And as all the times, I need to thank Kawa for the opportunity he gave me to meet the whole family and to group with them:)
Thank you sooo much daddy!!!
Then... This is something I thought many times and even told some friends: I will soon start collecting information for the 2 new "big posts" I will want to write (sooner or later... sigh).
As I told (certainly to Kuc... ) I want to write a post on SL romance and a post (that will actually be many posts) on SL history.
This last one is something I REALLY want to write... ever since I met Shadow at Candy Silks... when I was still kinda new and I met such an old SL resident.
I want to write something that tells about SL in the past years... when there were no clubs, no business... and then how it all got to nowadays world. It would be sooo interesting. And I bet not many people would be able to describe first year's SL... maybe they wouldn't even be able to picture it... (I think of it as a "all nooby" world: no prim hair, almost no clothing nor skins... very basic building... ).
Well, if Clio stopped being lazy and waiting, we'd soon know:)
So... I guess I said enough for today. My SL is very busy and my eyes and fingers are tired... so I will just concentrate on the party.
Have a nice evening/night/day...

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