Celtic Moon Island

Hehe, this post is a couple days old too... What can I do? I go to places, party, take pictures... and then I just forget to write the post, or I am too busy doing other things.

So I am writing it some days later... and let's say something about what happened in those days in between, shall we?
Ok, it all starts on the 7th of this month: tha day before Easter.
It was (obviously) a Saturday and The Golden Temple organized some event on a beach.

This beach is Celtic Moon island. And the whole party thing was a way to help X sell some of it (the island I mean).

The idea was awesome! And it worked!!!

Many people got the chance to see the place (which is beautiful) and decided to have a little beach corner there:) (among those of course Pall, Kuc and Laz:))

(notice the Kool Aid guy!!! So hilarious...)

Then! On Easter day we had our "Best In Demo" event!!! Lol, it was so funny! But we'll have to do it again, cause I think not many people got the notice, and maybe since it was Easter...

Anyways, since Pall bought land at Celtic Moon Island, he's been over there a lot, and I went there for a party at Laz's place and to go car-jumping over the whole island (lol... something we won't be able to do any longer soon...). This proved that virtual cars are not really my thing... I need to study for my driver's license... I so SUCK! lol

And after car-jumping, we got talking to Kuc's new neighbour(which, maybe, is my new brother?) ... and then mommy came by and tried to set Pall's friend up with Disco! Lmao... what a laugh...

Oh, well... I gotta go and feed my fleshy-self.

See ya:)


Kucinta Moody said...

Wow! What can I say... the beach party on Celtic Moon worked like a charm!! You are a star X!!

Yup, we have already had so much fun on the island with out high adrenalin antics. We have calmed it down a lil now. It was all the excitement from the start I think... all that nervous energy.

What? Seb is your brother?? My neighbour Sebastian? He is great. You must come sky jumping with us very soon Clio.

Love the blog, keep up the good work.

No.10 Celtic Moon

°Clio° said...

Hey Kuc:)
Thanks for leaving comments lol.
Yes, Seb your neighbour became my brother lol... the 4th brother I have on SL... crazy!
Well, yes, excitement was good, but now the whole relaxing at the beach is good too.. love it. I'm so glad so many of you live there!!! So I will always have an excuse to come (lol).

Well, thanks also for liking the blog. Haven't posted much lately, but I'm just too busy...
btw, I just got out my new tankini. The latest item by CCard's...

(Love ya Kuc:))