Magnete Gown!!!

OK, other very much delayed post… but hey, Kuc (since, yeah, you’re reading this and noone else is lol), you know I was busy!!!
Hehe, you surely do know, since I got you a little busy, too, with all my need of advice and models! Lol… well, Magnete Gown is done, up on the walls, and it looks fabulous (again, complimenting myself as only a total idiot would hahahaha). And when Cape saw me wearing it she was kinda shocked, methinks (just for you, doc)… I tried to get as close as I could to CanDy’s wonderful Breezy… And maybe my efforts were not totally vain. Oh, well, at least it looks good and people love it (which is the most important thing, isn’t it?).
And back to Cape… OMG, lol, I said a lot of times how much I love to work at CanDy, because of the inspiration and the people (and, of course, because of the freedom we have with our schedules… of capital importance in my case), but let me tell you: my boss is awesome. Not only as a designer, but also as a person. She allowed me to set up a little vendor there at CanDy, so if you pop by, you might notice my stuff, too (among the billions of huge and puffy gowns from Cape), and she gave me some very smart and useful tips on how to make my designs look betterJ.
So I will have to start working on a different prim shape (for a new gown) I bet… and that will cost me loads of hair lol (hopefully I learned something in the meanwhile, that will save me time and energy lol). And I do have some idea in mind, but let’s see if it’s possible… I still need to fully get into building and its potential.
Haha, I also made my first tuxedo. Which looks crappy, I know, but it’s a start and it’s cheap… lol at least this time I manage not to be too glimmering about a creation of mine!
Oh… I moved my store!!! Hahahaha, no need to say this here, cause I already said it in my profile, but it’s just to keep this posts up to date (well, almost… since I write once a week lol). And about this moving: Don’t ask. At least not for now… I will write something about it, maybe… one day… who knows. I first need to get the whole thing cleared up in my mind, I guess.

Well, nothing important to say, apart from “It would be better if I tried to study”. But let me say one last thing to my favourite (and only?) reader: I have been writing a few lines for the SL Romance, Kucypie, and I am kinda scared I will end up talking nonsense, because I truly suck when it comes to emotional talk, feelings, and relationships. But I said I’ll write about it, and so I will. Just hang on! Lol.
And the same for the SL History: I will write it, sooner or later (MOST likely later lol).
See ya all.

P.S: If there’s anyone different from Kuc reading this post, leave a comment… even just to say “hello” , or maybe “stop bothering with this crap!” (lol, hope not this last one)… so I can get a slight idea of how many people are so desperate that they don’t have anything better to do than read my posts and leave comments lol (yes, Kuc, you are desperate, I know, but I bet anyone would, if they had to deal with Pall all the time! LMAO!!!)
[and, btw Pall… Thank you again a lot for your offerJ] ß(piccola parentesi viola).


Anonymous said...

Hey! I wore your peach gown yesterday to Phatland and 4 men sent me an IM to compliment on the gown! Not bad eh in a space of 5 mins?? (considering the terrible LAG there) Oh! then I crashed! :-/


Errrmmm... am I the only one who reads Clio's posts? The rest must be lurkers... hehe


°Clio° said...

Did you really wear it and get compliments? Awww, thank you for advertising it around lol. And I'm so totally glad you like it.
Then yes, I think you're the only one who checks my blog... :(
Oh well, I guess I must admit I kinda suck at this, huh? lol... I write so little (and only the few times I find the time and the "isnpiration"!