Hippy party:)

Here is a snapshot from the hippy party we had a couple days ago, at Queen Celtic's Shops:)

I think this one in front of the camera is Disco... hard to tell though, cause he's generally bald lol.

Anyways...everyone was wearing that funny hair mom gave us... to look as more hippy-like as we could lol. It was a great party. Lots of smoking and drinking, of course.
Mhmmm, I just realized that I don't have any picture of my family on my "online profile" (i.e.: this blog). I should take snapshots and set up a pick for each one of them (... before they get to a number too high to handle!).
Ah! I'm also working on my very first custom order: a star wars jedi outfit:) Who knows if I'll get it good enough.
See ya folks... RL Clio is WAAAY tired. She'll take an "evening-nap", I guess.

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