Free (well, almost) Gown out!

Hello everyone!

I am already working on a new design, it's going to be a formal gown.
I plan on making it available in 10 colours, and since I had a spare one, I just decided to have it out as a freebie!

Yep, it's already in my main store, I might place it also at the Shop&Jazz, but haven't done that yet.

As you can see from the poster at the bottom, I am still trying to improve the textures, and it took me some hard work to get to the right shadings for this one! I just need to improve my designing skills some more, before starting to concentrate on my actual style:)
But I try my best to make my items as pleasant as possible, and I hope the effort is worth something:)
Come and grab your own copy of the gown at my main store: you can follow the link on the right part of the page (SLURL).

Take care!


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