Karol out and my first show!

It's been a long time since my last post, and that's because lately I have been very busy with 2 things: the preparation for a fashion show MODA modeling school organised for me, and the launch of the new Karol line!
The show took place yesterday, and it went great! I was so excited to see the models wearing my creations!!! I couldn't believe I had made all those things (lol, yes, I'm pathetic).
They recorded the show and it is viewable any time from SLCN.tv.
I also placed a prim with a link to it in my main store, just in case:)
(thank you MODA!).
Also one of the girls from MODA interviewed me one day, and she posted the result on MODA's website.

And, the latest outfits displayed on the catwalk were from my latest line: the Karol.
It's another design with clearly some 'retro' in mind.
I made 2 different evening gowns, a cocktail dress, and a casual outfit out ot the same idea I had.
Here are the posters for the 10 colours available, in the complete packs (individual packs are also available at my main store:))

Hope you LOVE them:)


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