Jacqueline finally out!

Ladies and gentlemen, the final version of the Jacqueline gown is out, with 10 new colours.
I changed the flexi from the freebie I have in store, and now it has many more layers to ensure a better cover while moving.
The skirt is also designed so that you can sit without the fear of seeing your flexi sticking out of your behind (lol), cause the 2 prim attachments are set to be worn on your upper legs.
I wanted to keep the gown as simple as possible, because it is mainly a try to see how I could come up with nice shadings for a satin long dress. I only added some little pearly details on the hips, low back, gloves, and on the black tiny band that passes around the waist.
Again, I had some girls helping me with the modeling (old friends of mine, now, after all the shooting they did with me:)), and I have decided I will write the names of the models on the posters from now on... so the ladies can get some credit:)
Here are the colours, afterall.
Have a look at them, and come get your own Jacqueline at my store (SLURL to the right) if you like one:)

Clio :)

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