Heart of Love releases

Jacqueline bicolour line has just been added on my store walls.
These gowns are something I have been thinking of for quite some time.
I wanted to remake the Jacqueline in new colours, and loved the idea of having a double coloration on the dress.
I always procrastinated the release of these dresses until now.

Why is that?
I found out a young SL content creator, with a very severe disease, is in the bad need to get a heart transplant.
This was shocking news. I am not too close to this person in SL. I have very few people I talk to on a regular basis, cause I am just like that. I keep on my own unless others approach me themselves. But when I realised what was going on I thought "Wait a minute. I have the chance to help Shir from home, doing my usual work".

Luckily enough, some friends of Shir's started "Heart of Love", a charity event dedicated to raising money to pay for Shir's surgery.

I have participated to many fund raising campaigns over the last 2 years. All through SL.
Loads of content creators have been raising funds for big organisations like RFL, Make-A-Wish, National Breast Cancer Association and many more.
For once, I am faced with a charity event that is very precisely oriented towards a single goal: give Shir a new heart.

I couldn't just let it go. I am a little peanut, and the dresses I can make and sell to raise funds are little peanuts, too... but a load of peanuts can make a big difference, and I really hope this action to help Shir will succeed.

I am selling the dresses you see on top of this post for 500L$ each, and I am giving 100% of the proceeds to Heart of Love.

I also have a donation box in my store, to donate smaller (or bigger!) amounts, that will directly go to the fund raising avatar.

If you have any questions about Shir's conditions, you can find some more info here.

[NB: the Black & White version is also for sale at Sweethearts Jazz Club]

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