HoL and other news:)

First of all, I have a HUGE, GREAT, SENSATIONAL news about Heart of Love!
This morning it reached the supah-dupah amount of 542000 L$!!!

I am so glad this is working! For more updates, you can check Flutter Memel's blog :)

Then, some news about the shows I had/should have had this month!
On the 12th, as planned, I was featured at Mantova Festival.

Then, the show I should have had yesterday night, Monday 19th, was shifted forward to Fwbruary 2nd!
I can invite up to 10 people to be in the audience. I will not be able to attend, myself, due to RL.
I'd be very glad if anyone with a blog or writing for any magazine or similar wanted to go see the show:) It's at 3PM SL time. Also live on slcn.tv:)


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