Heart of Love goal was met!!!

Hello lovelies:)
I wanted to inform everyone that the Heart of Love goal was met yesterday!!!
I am so grateful to everyone who donated to help this cause, and to the group of wonderful people who have worked to put the whole campaign up.

All proceeds exceding the 'limit' that was imposed back then when we started will be going to RFL.
So, I will have my 4 Jacqueline Bicolour gowns still up for that till tonight, then will change them to regular vendors , and will be giving 100% of the income to Shir. This is a personal choice, not something related to Heart of Love. I just think I can help Shir a tiny bit more by keeping those dresses selling for her till the whole campaign is officially over.
I will still have the donation box in store for a couple weeks, and that is going to collect funds for RFL.

Again, for updates, here is a link to Flutter Memel's blog.

Also, I am going to take down the actual gift vendors tomorrow. I will place a new gift out (my Rezday gift:)) and then will be changing the gift once a week, picking among my regularly sold items:)
I hope this will spice the thing up a bit;)

Again a big big, deep and warm hug to everyone who contributed in allowing Shir to get her surgery done.

Have a wonderful day:)



Anonymous said...

That's a very generous idea you had here, I am sure Shir will be very thankful to you.

Regarding the gifts every week I think that is a very good marketing move. I would advice though to maybe do it every two weeks. I often have people IMing me for help with things I blogged at least a week or so ago. My point is by giving out a gift every two weeks you will still get the traffic and attention without giving "too" much and going through your products quickly.

By the way I am not sure I told you this already but I own a small freebies blog (http://bakingcupcakes.blogspot.com) so I would be glad to blog your gifts every week! Just send me a notecard so silly me doesn't forget :)

Clio said...

Thank you, Laleeta!

I thought that was the best move to help Shir and still please everyone...

And for the freebies advice, I will sure follow it! Hehe:)
I will also let you know when I change them, if you will like to blog about them ;)