Classy and revealing: Loredana

New sassy and formal gown!
This design comes from the many MANY dresses I have seen in videos, magazines and store windows all with a very high front cut, or anyways with very obvious 'legs-displaying'. So, after my dear Gwen, here comes a more 'classy' design.

The textures are as always 100% drawn by me, and I took care of making this dress as real as I could... zoom in on your seams and you can nearly see the stitching:)

The skirt is VERY large and has a second layer of sheer silvery material, to shake up the ensemble, and to still maintain some kind of "castity" to this daring design, as the reasonable neckline and the long gloves do.

I made 7 different colours for this dress. Top and pants are on all layers, and it is transferable, as all my dresses:)

Available at my main store.

Pictures credit:

  • skin from PXL;
  • hair from ETD;
  • shoes from Maitreya.

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