Queue de Paon... Gown!

Hello dears:)

Yesterday night I had a Spotlight with MODA (which I will be sharing a link to, as soon as the podcast will be available) and I introduced a new design during the show!
It is a less 'crazy' version of the Queue de Paon Tail-Outfit. While the Tail-Outfit is nearly burlesque (and here I have to thank one of my customers for this definition!) this new option is a ballgown 100%.
It still follows the original outfit's inspirational idea, so it is a concentration of vanity, elegance and unicity, but it can be worn a lot more easily :)

It is available here :)

Here are all the colours:

As always, I have my introductory offer (this time, it lasts an entire week!).
And as always, the dresses come with top and pants on all layers and are TRANSFERABLE :)

Hope you like them!


Photo credits:

  • skin from PXL
  • hair from Truth

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