I feel like I went goth!

Here's a new ballgown with a gothic taste!

I don't know what it is about these new lines I am releasing lately, but they seem to be gong more and more dark.
After the misterious and burlesque Queue de Paon, here comes another gown in very rich and dark colours.
I made 7 different options, again, and they are transferable with top & pants on all layers, as my usual (at least lately :D).

I was playing around with the prim skirt of this gown and was still clueless about what textures to use for it... then this whole "dark" idea came along, I tried it... and it worked out absolutely full of personality ;) (at least in my opinion).

The gown looks like a mixture between a bird and a dark princess... I was almost going to find some complicated name for it, but in the end I called it Diane :)

(the Steel version, first one following here, is 50% OFF till Monday! Full Collection pack, as well!)

Available at my main store :)


Photo credits:

  • skin worn from PXL Creations;
  • hair from Truth.

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