RFL Clothing fair, photocontest and my "specials" :)

It's been running for a few days, already, but my RL has been so filled with loads of to-do's that I didn't even have the time to write about it...
What am I talking about?

Of course I am telling you about the RFL Clothing Fair!
For this 2009 edition they have 8 Sims filled with loads of designers' clothes. All to raise money towards a goal of 4,5 Millions L$, which is what last year's Fair managed to raise.

For more information you can visit RFL Clothing Fair blog, where they will be a better job than me at updating (sorry... RL kills me...).
Also be aware of the still running photo-contest!

Before I dive back into RL, let me share with you my 2 RFL specials, which are being sold with 100% of the funds going to RFL :) You can find them here.


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