Romance & Silk

Loads of softness, silk, and beauty.
Marguerite is the gown to look unique, sensual, and absolutely elegant.
I see it as a 2009 Jacqueline. A gown that can be worn in thousands of different occasions, from formal events, to special nights with a significant other:)

The skirt has a long train in the back. The gown has a bare back and a very high neck line.
100% hand drawn, as always;)

I have made top and pants available on all possible layers, to wear them with something over the gown or with tattoos underneath... well, whatever you need :)

There are 7 colours available. Each item is transferable and is a good way of gifting ;)

The Pink Gown and the Full Collection with all the colours boxed inside are 50% OFF till Monday 16th! Get them before the offer is over!
You can find them HERE.

Hope you like them:)


Photo credits:

  • skin by Fleur;
  • hair by Exile.

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