We're over 6 MILLIONS!

Wow! Did you people notice it?
SL residents got to over 6 millions... That's a HUGE number, isn't it?
I said to myself (some days ago...) "Wow, in a few months SL residents doubled!". And you know what? Now I can say that in 4 months 4 millions people joined SL.
That's such a fast growth.
Our (lol... like if it was partially mine, as well :)) virtual world is getting so big and so fast.
And along with its residents' number, the whole things will change. Maybe in the future the weather system will be all over SL, so we'll have to bring an umbrella in our purse all the time, just in case lol.

Today I met a very "old" resident, too lol. I've learned some things about SL in the past, and might be starting to see some little things I could put together for the SL History... lol... ok, will take SOOO much time.
Well, I am not at all inspired tonight, I'll see if I can write something more some other day... Besides, RL is supposed to be taking most of my time now, so...

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