2-nights date with old Pall:) (and some other things)

Hey everyone!

Guess what? It's been long since I last wrote something, as usual.

I even had to rebuild my computer some days ago... was a pain... way busy.

Anyways, I am back almost regular on SL now. And 3 days ago I was talkign to Pall in IMs while working (and noone there :( ). So after a long chat and after he'd said plenty of nice things (as he always does:)), he promised he'd take me out on a "date" the day after lol.

We scheduled everything, can you believe that? MEEEE, I got a DATE! lol... well, doesn't count, cause Pall is such a good friend and I like so much to make fun of him, that this date thing is not to be taken seriously lol. But it was very nice of him to take me out, so could relax a bit... we went to a very nice place. With dinner tables and tons of couple danceballs. (here's a snapshot lol).

But for how good as it was going, what could happen to me if not crash while we were still dancing?

My line went dooown!!!

And I never got it back!!! Poor Pall, he's been so patient lol. Most of my friends have been... I have disappeared at least once with everyone, I think... so bad of me!

And well... yesterday (the day after the tragic crash), I went dancing with Pall again, to finish and wrap up what we had abruptly interrupted. So we went to Phat, because they were having a contest for best in formal.

So of course Pall said: if you're going let me know, I'd be glad to dace with you (lol).

We went, and of course I wore one of my gowns ( the Sable Perpetua ). And at the end (omg, I was shocked) I even won the contest!!!

It was such an end to that interrupted date lol.

And awesome to have a REAL record that my gowns are some good lol (Key was like :see? I wish I had recorded those times when you said "I don't know if they are worth as much as I think" and things like that lol).

Of course it was a very nice surprise.

As it was the fact that renting a space at The Purple Moon was very very convenient for me lol.

Yes, I did start renting, here and there... more than one spot. Hope I can have one also in another couple of clubs (I already have them in mind, lol). But need to wait to see if I can get those spaces as well...

Then, very last thing: Of course I went back to the beta to talk to people, and I was very lucky cause I met the guy with the awesome, sexy, deep, goergeous voice!

Hehe, wanna see him? Here he is, in his Chinese outfit:).

The guy whose voice could make a woman melt (literally!!!!).

Well, enough stupid crap talk for today:)

TTY SOON, maybe... lol.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean it doesn't count as a date? You didn't say that when you were kissing me :)

Well, at a time when two of my three closest longterm friends in SL had made me feel very let down, Clio, you proved over the last few days that you are as lovely as you have always seemed with NO daft games, NO complicated nonsense and NO weirdness. You reminded me that REAL straightforward caring friendships are still possible within that strange virtual world and I thank you for that!

And those two evenings were LOVELY. Thank you! I enjoyed every second of my time with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to say who the anonymous post was from.

Pall :)

°Clio° said...

Oh, so the comment was from Pall? I thought it was from that other gorgeous man I got to SL-kiss right after simulating my crash on first night (LMAO!!! NOOOO! Pall, you know I wouldn't have crashed... I would never crash... but my connection always decides the time has come, so...).
You don't need to thank me:) You know you've been an awesome friend too, you and Kuc are among the best I have (of course). And I will probably cry if I read those words once more (lol, no no.... not cry, but they do give me a smile everytime:)).
Yes, you are right, those evenings were lovely. And it was my first time out dancing after soooo long. I really did need a break:)
Thank you for that:)

Anonymous said...

Awwww... sweet! Wished Pall wouldn't use the word 'Daft' cos its a lingo from the Black Country (where he is from). I'm sure he has explained to you what it means.

A Huge Congratulations once again on winning best formal wear at Phat Cats! Told you that it would be a significant sign of your designs being recognised from a great design point of view.

LOL I see you got a pic of Phantium :-) Not going to say anymore. Less said the better. You get my drift girl!

Hugs and Kisses

°Clio° said...

Lol KUC!
Let's say Pall didn't say what "daft" means... I MIGHT have gotten some idea of its meaning, but not totally sure (wouldn't be the first time I misunderstand something lol).
And thank you:) Yes, it was awesome to win with my gown, because it was like the gown won... and so like: "wow, I made something good!" lol... still hyper-sure I sooo need to improve lol.
Anyways, don't tell anything more about THE VOICE, no... I already know too much! LMAO! Omg, you so crack me up Kuc.