Hahaha, I am kinda bored... here it' morning, and it's so hot one could not only cook an egg over the floor outside... I bet it would even work with a fat stuffed turkey!!! I am COOKED!
Oh my... well, last update hasn't brought voice to Second Life, wonder when the release for that will be.
Way awesome thing is that we now have SCULPTIES! I am so looking forward to start messing around with those things... And make stuff of all kinds. If I'll be able to work some program out good enough, I might even try to make shoes (haha, mind travels fast, doesn't it?).
But of course, until I manage to have some kind of 3d texturing program, then there's really nothing that could justify my enthusiasm lmao. (omg, the greek origin of the word enthusiasm was just coming back to my mind...).
Ok, I will post this, so short and so insignificant, and maybe log on to sl now... before the heat will melt me...

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