SL Voice! An amazing adventure!

Today Clio is stealing some time from her very busy RL to say something about SL voice.
To whoever doesn’t know it yet, from the next update, not only we will have sculpted prims and all their HUGE potential, but we’ll have the VOICE!
Yes! The SL voice feature (to chat using headphones instead of typing) is already available on the beta grid.
I didn’t even know! I logged in on the beta grid yesterday just to see the sculpties (which are absolutely gorgeous… can’t wait to learn how to make the textures to come up with any possible shape!!!) and I noticed the little voice control thingy at the bottom of the screen (like the music and video stream controls).
Well, after trying to make the first shape, I relogged in on the main grid, told some of my friends about sculpted prims, and asked one of them to download the beta grid, so that we could meet on it, and I could show her a bit of what sculpted prims are.
I showed her all the shapes that are available in the library, and then we noticed the voice option… but we couldn’t make it work!
And after 5 minutes, when we were actually about to say: “let’s log back on the main world… here we can’t even IM our online friends”, we heard a girl’s voice!!! YES! We heard her voice! And after a minute my friend was talking too, and we ended up talking all together (took me a LOT to figure out how to configure my headphones… of course lol).
OMG! I stayed on for almost the whole afternoon! Was crazy! I loved it! We met other and other and other people. All there chatting, laughing at people’s voices (or shivering at one of them’s… he’s got the deepest voice ever! Gorgeous but scary lol), trying to pick up accents.
It is a great experience!
It’s different from any other voice chat software. Because, again, it’s not a “chat”, it’s SL! It’s different… people LIVE it, they have their own second life and go around the world like that. So you actually walk around and hear people’s voices… isn’t it cool!?!
That’s how the little group gathered around us… first it was the 3 of us, then a fourth guy, and then from that another and another and another person… at the end we were so many… and the SIM got stuck, but we could still communicate by voice (which is totally cool: we could tell each other “I’m stuck! I can’t move”, instead of just being there, and not typing, not moving nor communicating).
Anyways… I will always remember those people I met yesterday, also because (it’s funny) by having that little chat with our actual voices, we got much closer than what it would have been if we had just typed stuff. Hearing a person’s voice does tell much more about that person than reading his/her messages. (AND some people’s voices are just fascinating lol! … or scary… the same… one of the best voices I’ve ever heard lol).

I cannot wait to talk to a couple of my friends, actually… some because I am too curious about their accent, one because I’ve been told how sexy his voice is, and now I wanna hear it lol (hahahahahahahahaha, soooo funny… your wife told me, so it must be true ;) ).
Hehe, well, anyone who reads this, do try the voice chat, it’s amazing, and way funny.
And if any of those I talked to that first time is reading this, please say Hi (in the comments…).


Anonymous said...

Yup, told Pall about the chat thingy on the beta grid... cya there soon :-)


°Clio° said...

I loved talking to you!!! I love your accent and your voice is very deep and sensual...
And Pall's voice, too... it's so different from what I expected... I loved it (talking to you, that is).
I think I will be going on the beta grid a lot lol... at least until voice won't be on the main grid, then I'll just stop talking to people lol... will be too hard and messy.
Well, as you know, I have to study now. So I am loggin off.. too late to study, actually. But I need to do something more.
Well, byeee! Love ya!