Philip Linden!!!

Hey GUYS!!!

You won't believe what I am about to say!!! I was on the beta grid again, today, with my usual "voice-chat friend" (lol... it's just too funny to chat with you!). We were just standing there at the welcome area, talking with some people as usual... with a little crowd that gathered around those of us speaking (and obviously some italians, as well...lol!).

Guess who came up and walked through us... PHILIP LINDEN!!!
YES! The starter!!! The creator of SL!
OMG! We were all so excited!
We kept him there for a while, asking him silly questions, and hearing from him some Second Life possible future features (sounds bad, doesn't it? lol).
It was sooo great!
And my friend and I were so excited that I didn't have the strength to hold myself from asking him "... well, Philip... since you are the starter... and you are here.... can we take a picture?"
He laughed too, so silly of me to ask.

But at the end, this is what came out of it:

It was so exciting lol.
We met the very first person who thought Second Life.
He asked us a few questions, too. And he told us he is amazed now, by the number of non-american people who are on SL.
What a day... I also heard my friend's voice this morning... sooo NICE! Finally! (even if, please don't get offended lol, I don't totally agree with your wife... lol, still very nice voice though, I love it!).
Well, gotta go... should get some study done (lol... at 10 PM???).
Have a great day/night (whatever).

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