Pictures of the Natasha (old)

Ok,as I promised, I am posting some pictures to explain what are the problems of a 'front-split' skirt...
Here on the left is what the skirt looked like :-(
As you see, system skirts on SL get cut (damn LL lol)... so when u have your legs in some 'not too tidy' pose, this is what happens: unless u are wearing glitch pants, you see the bare legs under the skirt, or the stockings, as in this picture.
And this is something I can't fix... cause, as I show you in this other picture: that side of your legs does need to be sheer (no pants), or the sexy effect of the front split that leaves some leg uncovered won't be there anymore :_(
Aint's that awful?
I thought 'great, I made a nice front split dress', and then, started noticing the flaw, and then customers asking me for glitch pants...
lol, I was a noob back then, that's why I didn't notice...
So, well, the Natasha DID need some remake... more than just retexturing.
And so I did it all: added a nice texture, and re-drew the whole thing (yes, I also slightly changed the top alpha, to make it match better).
But then, since I knew I wanted to also have the old version out, here's what I came out with: solid stockings.
LOL, the effect from the front is obviously much less sexy than with sheer stockings, but at least now from the side this is what you get -->

I hope this was clarifying for those who felt sorry for not seeing the old Natasha for sale for some days.
And maybe also a way to say "We want better system skirts!!!".
Lol, I started using them a lot, and I always have to be careful with those horrible holes... oh well.
Have a good day everyone!
Clio :)

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