Here is a poster for the brand new Natasha Gown!!!

As I told you, the old Natasha had a flaw... it came from my inexperience back when I made it (on this blog I haven't posted about it... but I guess it was around april 2007...), and from the fact that system skirts on SL can't have front splits. This means just: they will look crap lol.
I had a couple people complaining, alas, and I learned how to see the mistakes I made. And thus came the total revising work.
As for the Magnete and the Evelyn, the old version is back out for sale half price, with an extra: solid stockings. These will help a bit with the 'holes' system skirts have. ... I promised I will write something about it to explain to you all, cause some have asked why have I taken off the walls the only dress with a front split they could find on sl lol.
I also placed a box of free solid stockings, for all those who had the old version and want to upgrade:)

About the new version: it comes with 2 skirts options: 1 all same colour, and 1 with sheer silver layers sticking out from the skirt. You get them both, and I hope you'll like them both lol (I was not sure which one to go for, so I just packed it all up). Together with the skirt (therefore glitch pants, system skirt, and prim skirt) there is also a choice for glives. Silver ones to match the silvery skirt, and a pair of the same colour of the gown, in case u prefer it that way:) (mix-and-matching is always a good idea, anyways:)).
And the poster you see is a pasting of pictures I took of Ao Kilara on the SIM she built for edo Tone's new main store (place that deserves a visit).

A word about the sale: Until the end of the week (ie: Saturday [3/15] night 12AM SL time) I will have 1 colour of each of the following ranges for sale for half its usual price. This is ONLY going to be in my main store, and it's to celebrate the fact that it's finally expanded!!! Yey! 12288sqm of Clio! Lol...

Ranges with 1 item discounted: Sweet suits,Lonely Hearts,Juanita,Porta Romana City Outfit,Brera City Outfit,Navigli City Outfit,Mosaico,Baby Doll,Priscilla,Pamela,Gretchen,Girlish,Beachy top,Party Dress,Evelyn(revised),Magnete(revised),Dragonfly Outfit,Dizzie Dress&Bikini,Serena,Perpetua,Caterina,Cassandra,Agatha,Jacqueline, Outtie.

And no, I won't tell u which colour is discounted lol... but it's clear if you look at the prices for each :-P

Lastly, I apologise for not having out the DEMOs for the Karol yet.... it will be next thing I do, promise...
And sorry if the store doesn't seems to be set too 'nicely' yet... have to work on it:))

Let me know what you think of the new gown and of the sale:)

For any need, just IM me:)



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