Angelica Gowns out!

Hi Hi^^!
SL is acting up like crazy tonight, sooo: I got on my blog to show you my super-latest new release:)
A formal gown, again, lol. And all hand-drawn, again... and with tons of shadings I am so proud of, again.
So what's NEW about it, huh? lol. Well, this time I made a totally different prim skirt. Different from the usual shapes I would go for, and I was actually inspired with it by Nicky Ree's Grandeur Gown skirt.
The textures have a tiny and cute beading-work on portions of the top and on the skirt panels.

The colour you see on top of this post is a wonderful (to me, at least ;-P) lilac I made to have this gown as a Relay For Life fund-raising item. Together with the Ball Gown you see in the picture, there is a Long Dress available, too. (the relay for life items are 1L$ more than average items... it was just to get round numbers with donations, I hope noone will get too upset about it...and if you do, ask me after the purchase and I'll pay back the 1L$ I owe you:)).

Anyways, back to serious talk, this gown is available in 11 different colours, and each colour comes in 2 single packs: Ball Gown and Long Dress.
The 10 'not-relay-for-life' colours also come in a complete pack, for who wants them both together.
Below the pictures of the packs for all the other colours:)

Then, well, I have many ideas for new designs in my mind, but since I won't have much time in RL till half May, they could come to life very late.
I hope I'll be able to release something new before the MFA showcase week, though... and maybe also a freebie to give out for that occasion:)
The gowns you just saw are available at my main store, already, anyways... so come have a look! And demos available, too!

Meanwhile, I wish you all a great day/night... whatevah!



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