Nominated for the MFA!!!

A huge huge "Thank you!" to all those who nominated me for the Merovingi Fashion Awards!!!
I can't believe I got in the top 10 for Best Female Designer (yeah, well... 10th, but still in the charts!) and 2nd (yessssss, 2nd!!!) as Best NEW Designer!

Long long time ago, I posted about how happy I was about that Formal Contest I won at Phat Cat's wearing my Perpetua Sable... many friends said 'wow, see? This is the prove your stuff IS good'.
I can't believe that after less than a year I was even voted by over 100 people as best sl new designer.
I have loved every minute of the path that led me to this point (well, maybe trying to rez things in vendor spaces in very laggy clubs, not really...), and I am sure it has much more to give me.
Have tried to improve my skills every time I made something new, and I hope that my efforts were really what gave me the chance to get to such an accomplishment.
To all those who ever said 'wow' while trying on something from my store, to all those who ever said 'lovely work', to all those who ever said 'I am so honoured to meet the designer behind these wonderful things', to all those who ever complimented with me, to all those who voted... "Thank you, and be sure that this will give me some strength to come up with something always better :-P you like it or not!" :)

Loads of hugs!


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