Capeìs wedding:)

Yes, Cape got married!!!

And she was so nice that she actually decided to invite me, giving me the chance to go to my first sl wedding:)

Here on the left she's walking down the aisle with her father...

The ceremony was held in her castel (... I think). I got there just in time for the start... what a mess I am!
Cape was wearing a gorgeous black gown. The bridemaids were all red and black.
Here are the 2 of them while saying their wedding vows (which were fantastic, by the way:))
Behind them there's Willow.
And, of course Damon was making comments about Cape's almost totally see-through gown :D
After the wedding they were (obviously) having a party... but of course, what could happen to me if not a crash??? So I had to leave unexpectedly even before the party started...
But it's ok:) Earlier I was at a party at Pall's... who's getting partying-addicted!
Danced as always and played truth or dare... and this time it was Laz getting to dance the weird and funny dance with a very NOT realistic dog penis on lmao!!!
Omg... it's too funny even just to remember the scene!
And tonight: party at The Golden Temple!!! Zammie decided to have an Angel contest, so if anyone is reading this, get on sl and look for the Golden Temple:) Come join us with your best angel wings on:)))

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