Finally out! Prima Gown!!!

Yesss! As you can see, Prima Gown has finally come out! It's the first gown I make, so please be soft with your judgements (kidding, I do appreciate critics... help me learn and improve).
Do come and check it out at CCard's... at the Golden Temple (Celtic 90, 60, 30). And since it is the first formal dress I make, this first week will be available for only 99L$!!!

I am just so happy I finally made it...lol, I've waited too much!

Well, I hope you'll like it and you will keep coming to The Golden Temple, since it will soon open and there will be a lot of new things, from the zoo to the beach (to my store and Zammie and Chiwa's...).

And I do think that in a couple days I'll hang on my store's walls a new top, too:)
Bye and good day/night/whatever to you all!

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