Good evening everyone:)
Tonight I'm going to say a few words about my SL job.
OK, as you might have understood by now... I am a sales rep at CanDy Silks. Which means: I just wait at the store, I greet customers and I am available if they need help or advice:)
Lol... many people ask me: why do you need to work in a boutique, if you have your own business, now?
Hahahahaha, well... to all of you: I still do need a job... because to make my clothes I need to upload textures... and this is not too cheap...
Besides, I don't shop much, but sometimes I do, and the more money I have in my account, the smallest seems the amount spent lol...

I cannot complain about my fashion business... because it started just a little ago and it is going pretty good (not counting these last days... we don't really have our club going lately...).
But of course I don't have enough styles to actually make a difference. Nor my prices are high enough (lol... at least that's what some say).

Working on SL is almost a "status-symbol". There are basically 4 families of people:1) the newbies, who just wonder about SL... some look for money, others for a job, others just wonder... and chat up people. 2) The average. People who are no longer in their newbiehood, but don't look too old. They sometimes camp, and are not registered. So they don't have a lot of money. They play the game to meet new people, see old friends, and just have fun:) 3) Workers. Lol... people like me, basically... I started looking for a job as soon as I got on SL. And now that I am starting a little business myself, I could not imagine to drop my job... 4) Registered residents, who generally have a house (or more than one) and look fatastic.

Hahahaha, the funny thing is that noobs (lol, sorry if I use this term when referring to newbies...) don't even notice the difference, most fo the times. I can say that because I was a noob not too long ago... I remember (unfortunately) how naive I was thinking I looked almost as others... LMAO!!!
[ok... I'll show you one picture of me in my "middle newbiehood"... I was something like 1 week old lol... please don't laugh too loud or I'll definitely hear you!]

LMAO, after that scary thing you just saw... let's go back to the serious talk...
As I said... working is one of the criteria to classify people on sl... Actually we could say that money is, not just working.
It all starts at the point during our registration where they ask us to provide our credit card infos (or paypal account, I guess...). I was among those who just clicked on the "Skip this step"link, as soon as they read "credit card" written on the top of the page.

I didn't even know how much the 250L$ bonus would be... I didn't know anything about Linden dollars, nor I knew if I could get them in any way inside SL.

Of course, it is easy to find out how economics work on the grid at Help Island, already. There I learned that everything is bought with Linden $ and that there are ways to get some L$ inworld, without actually buying them (and for this infos I would like to thank the SL Help guys that go and help newbies as soon as they get on help island).

So... when I got on the maingrid (obviously I was over-excited, cause I did not know what was waiting for me in this whole new and wide spread world!) I tried to find a place where to get some money.

Of course, first thing I did was typing "job" in the search window. LOL, there were something like 1000 results for that word! And a poor noob certainly doesn't know where would be better to go and look for money/job...

I did end up in various sex-clubs, where they were hiring dancers and escorts, but noone would hire a 1-day old noob, right? Besides, I didn't even know yet about the necessity to fill in an application form. So I never really tried too hard to be hired lol.
Still, I will use this space to say (for the noobs that might be reading this post, and may be looking for a job) that if you are 1 or 2 weeks old, and you want a job, you can definitely find it in some sex-club. Maybe not in the naughtiest and most popular ones (where they look for girls and guys who are pretty familiar with sl and have hot avs... which means costly skin and hair), but average clubs hire a lot, and they are willing to hire 2weeks-newbies too.

Since I thought that noobs (under 30 days) would not be hired anywhere, I started camping.

As all campers, I was bored all the time and I didn't make a lot of money. I also have that huge problem that is my internet connection: it drops every now and then: I couldn't just sit there hoping to keep making money for a long time... I would just be kicked out after very few pay cicles...

So, as I kept looking for a job, I found out that CanDy Silks was hiring, IMed Cape and got an interview scheduled for next day... On January the 23rd Clio finally got her job!!!

Lol... had a lot to learn, both about prims and clothes... and about general issues (like: how do I know if an item is transfer?), but I am super-glad to work there and I hope I'll just learn some more everyday:)

Hehe, meanwhile, I changed from the absolutely scary newbie I was (look up again, so you can have one more laugh... :D) to a pretty old-looking girl (well, that's what I think, at least).

And, as you know, I also started a business thanks to Kawa:)

Now my brothers, my sisters and me are working (mainly Disco is... lol) to have the Golden Temple back as soon as we can:) and so we'll have a lot to work and to party again!!! And you're all invited, as usual:)

... well Folks... this time I just wrote down whatever thought crossed my mind, so I apologize for the absolute mess and non-sense of this post (maybe I should have apologized at the beginning, already! lol).
Take care:)

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