My first gown...?

Mhmmm, tonight no SL for Clio.

I can't log on, too busy RL.

Besides, these days everytime I log on I get stuck into thinking how I can modify the prim for my first formal gown.

Yes, people. I want to start making gowns :)

I know it is hard... much harder than making tops and pants' textures, which can be easily drawn on templates. To make prim skirts I have to go through a whole new learning process (and I just got out from the texturing learning process... lol... yeah, let's pretend I learned enough :)).

Those who have already visited the store probably noticed I already used prims for a couple of outfits(here some examples). But to make those skirts it took so much less than to get my first long and formal gown done.

I am just to picky about it:)

Or maybe I just got my eyes to be used to absolutely perfect gowns, being surrounded by them everyday at work. Lol... I cannot believe how many details Cape has to cure for each dress she makes. They all look gorgeous. And I so wish one day I'll be able to make something that can look at least half as good.

Well, this was just to tell you: get ready, Clio might be shooting out some formal-wannabe new item soon:)

I wanted to stick a picture of the gown as it is now (which might be the actual one I'm gonna sell), but I've just changed my mind (lmao), because I don't want to take away the surprise factor for all of you who are reading this (nearly noone) and who still haven't seen it.

Everyone I asked for an opinion on it, so far, told me it looks very pretty :))) But maybe they were just being nice:) (since, as you've read on the SL friendship post, all my friends are nice ... :D).

Hahaha, so you'll just have to hold your breath for a while... Prima Gown (cause that's going to be the name) is almost ready:)

Check at the Golden Temple in Doraji (or in Celtic, where our new location is going to be...) to see if it has come out already or not:)


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