Celtic's beach:)

Hehe, I know The Golden Temple hasn't reopened in its new location yet (which will be in Celtic 92,60,30)... but I wanted to show you a little preview of one of the many things our new club will have. Among them there are a zoo and this nice and quiet beach where I'm having a beer and a chat with 2 of my brothers and one of my sisters... and of course with our Daddy!!!

Here's a picture of the 4 of us (sorry Daddy, you're not in it cause you were sitting right in front of us lol).

There will be lots of fun for everyone at the new club... I hope you all will come visit:)

Then, going back to friendships for a while, I want to say this to Pall (lol, to whom I said the same thing many times already, actually...) : I know what you mean Pall. I know it is awefull that we have such great friends on sl and, since we don't know them rl, we wouldn't even know what could have happened to them, if they disappeared...

That's one of the reasons SL is not a great place to get stuck in: nothing is actually real. Only some (yes, some... cause people who deceive us do exist and they are everywhere) of the nice moments passed with our friends, with whom we never even spent a second of our Real Life.

It's a dangerous thought... takes the fun away. I hate thinking about what could happen to my friends without even knowing it. And I'm "lucky" that I partially know the families of some of my best friends... so I might still have some news about them... "If I died, Kuc will probably get on sl after a while and tell you...". But I don't even want to think about the possibility of that.

I know it's true but it's also sad... so I prepare to think about it the less I can.

See you all at the Golde Temple:) (sorry for the sadness lol)


Kucinta Moody said...

Awwww Clio you are as gentle as a flower petal. Taking time out from work on this beautiful sunny spring day to visit your blog and drop you a short note. Visited the new Golden Temple location briefly but will go later today to see the rest of the place properly. *Hugs*

°Clio° said...

KUC! You're the one who's being gentle, not me!
Noone ever compared me to a flower petal... you're so sweet:)
Thank you.

I'm very glad you and Pall are back, so we can party again! Lol:)
Love ya!