Saint Patty!!!

Yes, yesterday it was Saint Patrick's Day, and at The Golden Temple we got together the green theme from Saint Patrick's and the scheduled winged night. So we had "Best Absynth Green Fairy" contest lol! It would have been awesome, wouldn't it? But unfortunately, SL didn't think we were allowed to party and have fun, so it just kept not loading colors...

Our green event was actually grey (at least most of it)... As you can see, I was lucky to be one of the few rezzed. So everyone could see my crazy fire wings lmao.

Obviously we couldn't keep the contest going (... how could people vote for other... if noone was rezzed...). We almost started a "coloring-spells" contest, with people trying to perfom spells against the greyness using the little wand kindly provided by Disco (in the picture with Daddy). Lol, a sample spell was "Grey's the colour, as we may say, that comes and takes the fun away... so all together let us pray, to have our colours back again!" lmao... how poetical I can get, huh?

Of course non of the spells worked, so contest was cancelled and the bunch of us kept dancing all grey and trying to guess what Xia's wings were like (lol).

That was my Saint Patrick's night (which, of course, ended up with Pall, on his sofa... what else could it be?:D ).

Bye to you all, Clio'd better go to bed...


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°Clio° said...

Thank you ... whoever you are! lol
It is very important to me to see my stuff is appreciated... so I know I am doing things right (or at least I am on the right path towards getting them right lol).
And thank you for commenting on my blog too, haven't got too many comments yet! Lol.