Maniac joke and nice turnouts :)

Hahahaha, well, don't get scared by the title of this post... the maniac joke is just a silly attachment I made for Xavy (at least... the first one I made was for Xavy...lol) which shoots out particles textured as the owner's picture. Lol... it's so funny!
I still have to modify the script to make it a little bit "spicier", using doc's words, maybe with some blingies too. But, as for now, it's already funny enough!
I put the script in my ao, and set it so that everytime someone types my name in the chat there's an explosion of my pictures around the room! Haha, that's where the "maniac" name comes from...

Anyways, the "nice turnouts" are that, since I made this silly thing and was so totally cracked up by it, I told some friends, and I got the chance to see them, talk to them (take their picture... like with gurl and doc:)).
And now there are always more and more friends of mine having the silly attachment (and I hope they will like it... although I will understand them fully if they stop using it lol).

In particular I had the chance to "host" at CanDy Silks GURL and doc for a photo-shooting section! hahaha, sorry guys, I made you wait there like zombies for so long...I had to work...
But it was nice, wasn't it? I don't even think the 2 of you had ever met before (since doc rarely pleases us residents with his presence... :D).
Hehe, well, just hope GURL will not steale my math tutor, or I'll be lost!!! LMAO, yes, I did tell them : "hey guys, not that close, please" while they were posing for the maniac joke's pictures!!!
It was soo funny:) I'm very glad I got to see you... the both of you! MUAH!

Then, today it was a great day also because I finished my new gown (haha, so proud of it, I think this one looks a lot better... a lot more "poofy" lol) AND because Pall&Kuc got back!!!
Yey, I missed you guys! You'll have to tell me everything about your last days! But I'll wait till we get some free and relaxed time:)

Now, Clio needs to brush her teeth rl, cause she just got back from a japanese restaurant and still has the wasabi taste in her mouth (and she is NOT liking it!).

Wish you all a fabulous night!

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