SL friendship.

Well, today SL is just too crashy for me...
I've been stuck all day at Phat Cat's (which it's not too bad, since I like the place, but really no need to spend there my whole day when I actually needed to go to work...) because teleport system appearantly doesn't work... I'm just logged off everytime I try to teleport, oh well...
So I thought I'd use my time without SL writing on my blog... since I've started it, I should write on it... or it's no use to have a blog, is it? lol
Well, today's topic will be sl friendships...
Starting from my very first steps. And I do mean the FIRST steps lol. Let's go back to help island... I still have on my friends list people I met there... and it's funny but I remember those people better than others I have on my friends list (I know... since I just accept friendship from nearly anyone, I should at least use the profile space where I can write "my notes" about the person... so I will not forget who he/she is or where we met... but this thought never crosses my mind at the right time lol).
In fact, during our very first days, we're not too used to getting involved in chats and greeting people and stuff, so everyone cherishes those "interactive moments" as treasures. And we think: "wow, this guy/girl I'm talking to right now might become one of my greatest sl friends!" and we start picturing our sl parties (maybe we don't even know about sl parties yet lol) and explorations with that person....
But then, sadly, we begin noticing that our new friend doesn't often come online, so we go on not hearing from him/her and we get to know other people. Still we remember the talk we had with them, though, because it was exciting to us: we had met a new friend!
Of course, not all our "newbie-friendships" have short life (fortunately).
Some of the first people I met are still great friends. Even if I don't often hear from them, I know that if I needed something or maybe just wanted to have a chat, they'd be there for me.
And it is mainly for these friends I'm writing this page...
Maybe I'll send them an IM, telling them "hey, guess what? I'm blogging now and I wrote something about you:)" lol... that would be so Clio-ish....
Bytheway... Among my oldest friends there are 2 fabulous italian people:)
I don't even know how fate brought us together that day. It was really the beginning of something:) (hey, you 2 know I'm talking to you, even if I don't write your names;) )
Well, I met them again, just today, and we took a picture, the 3 of us together... can I show it, guys? (lol, I will, anyways... it's already on my profile!)
So these are the 3 of us, who met up that day. Lol... thank God I'm not in my newbies clothes, hair and skin anymore... I looked aweful lol.. (I wonder how you had the courage to talk to me,hun...).
As the stunning hot chick standing next to me (and making me feel like one of the 7 dwarves) said once: I've never even met you RL, but I feel like I know you, you're like an RL friend to me...
Yes, it's true:) SL is not a great place to get stuck in (because you really do get stuck!!!) but it surely gives us some wonderful opportunities. Apart from allowing men to fly (lol...) and teleport (as far as the system doesn't crash...), it is a place where we can be whoever we want.
There are those who have their avs looking as they look rl, and acting as they would act rl... guys who have always wanted to be women (or viceversa) and who get to be gorgeous ladies in sl :)... people who want to be seen as little elves... angels... vampires... goreans...dogs... cats... (a myriad of other animals)... cartoons' characters... and so on.
Here we get to start a new life... and people will just know about ourselves what we want them to know.
So Clio is Clio... that's it:) She's got a life on her own.. and she's blogging to tell you about it:)

Going on with the friends-listing process, before I get too heavy and phylosophical lol.
At the same place where I met the 2 hotties I mentioned I met many other people... some other italians, of course, and I say "Hi" to one of them (lo sai che sei tu lupetto... :P), and the most generous person on SL... lol, my actual Daddy (I've known him for so long that it makes me laugh calling him like that!), I will talk a little more about him later... hang on!
Lol, there's another place I should really thank for the huge amount of great friends I met there (and are now on my list) : Phat Cat's Jazz Lounge.
That's a great place. Formal, but not snobby... full of newbies and "old-players" at the same time. Where newbies can get a taste of what they will probably look like as soon as they get older in the game.
Well, first person I met there, and first person I ever danced with in SL, is my chinese-aussie friend lol. He's one of the nicest guys ever... never even tried to chat me up (and I might get offended for that... :P ). He came to me, as soon as I entered Phat and kindly asked miss Cardiff to have a dance with him. It was awesome! First SL fairytale for still newbie Clio... he was VERY nice, asking me. And I'm so glad we still keep in touch and he comes to The Golden Temple to party with us. A GREAT HUG to you, mate :)
Then, how can I forget another italian (lol, 4th so far)... I had SO MANY chats with him I'd say he knows every inch of Clio's messy mind... he was there for me A LOT during my first sl "sadly-ended romance story". Lol, so if any of you want to know something about it, you should ask him :D... I totally got over it (although it's hard to forget how elegant the guy's chatting was). But my dear friend maybe remembers the whole thing, since I drove him crazy with my drama ... sorry for that... :)
Always at Phat... let's add another beautiful lady to my friends list... first (and only... so far) African person I met on SL. Can you believe that our longlasting and very nice friendship started with me asking her via IM "sorry... I am stuck with my arm held up... how can I have it to go back down???". And she actually answered me in the kindest of ways lol... We chatted and had some laughs about guys trying to chat girls up (please remeber I was still a newbie, looking aweful!!!) and she offered me friendship before leaving. You're great gurrl!!! You know you are cause I bet tons of people tel you all the time:) I wish you all the luck of the world for your about-to-start business and for all the rest.
Hehe, did you think I finished up all the friends from Phat? ... wrong guess!!!
Here comes the next guy (wow, all guys... and all handsome lol, so lucky!). What can I say... There's too much to be told about such a person.
Our friendship started in the weirdest of ways, too. I was waiting at Phat, as always, looking around and hoping some guy would ask me to dance... and I got this IM from a person I didn't see there standing near the bar. I answered. He wasn't asking me to dance lol, he just wanted to chat with someone while he waiting for his dance partner to come back! Hahahahaahaha! I could never thank you enough for starting that chat with me instead of picking another of the thousands of girls waiting there (or maybe you did start a conversation with someone else, too... with all the women you always have around!!! Lmao). That was the first time I saw my favorite (and only ...lol) complex analysis tutor! (still Lmao) We went on talking a lot that day... and we would send IMs to each others when both online... always, I might say. But I never actually got to see you, remember? We saw each other very few times... and how can I forget the first time I danced with you (which was so much time after we became friends lol). Well, doc, I'm not gonna say anything else. Because you know I love chatting with you ( and I'm very pleased to hear from you that you like it too:))
Of course, at Phat I met many more people... I will use this post as a chance to say "Hi" to my favorite half angel/half demon... with whom I had such a nice and memorable dance that one night at Phat and who still keeps in touch with me, every once in a while:)
A big wave also to all the friends I met there who still remember dancing or just talking to little Clio!
Tadah... here comes the next "friendly" place. CanDy Silks. Lol, yes, it's just a boutique and it's actually the place where I work... Isn't it awesome that while I'm at work not only do I get paid and I learn some things (looking at Cape's gowns surely is great inspiration cause they're wonderful), but I also meet new friends:)
Outstanding turnout of my working carreer is in fact my meeting with such a funny and nice British guy. Hahaha, sounds repetitive and absolutely unnecessary saying this to him (but it's the truth) : My SL would not be the same without you. You fill up almost every minute of my free time and I have so much fun with you.
Lol, yes, this guy is maybe, together with the 4th italian I mentioned, on top of the list of people who know Clio the best... But he actually knows a lot about RL Clio, too. So he gets the prize, I guess ( which would be a kick in the butt lol... at least he won't get embarrassed by something too nice said or done to him lol). Apart from my silly jokes, thanks to him I spent some great SL moments, from the 2 of us talking on his sofa, to wild parties at his place.
And thanks to him I got to know one of the most amazing women in SL! Yes, I'm talking about the awesome asian girl he called at CanDy Silks the same day we met. You're amazing! The most important ingredient to have a perfect party, because no matter where, no matter with whom... she can always keep the chat going and never stops entertaining people! I cannot imagine an SL party without this girl... it would lack the largest part of the fun. So, if you're planning a wild and crazy night, be sure to have her with you:)
(you do know that you're great also when it doesn't come to partying... you're always there when I need help or advice and you're just incredibly nice...)
And let's not forget about the whole bunch of hilarious people the 2 of them introduced me to!
Going back to CanDy Silks... the brit is certainly not the only one who got on my friends list because of this place:) A hug to the first one who told me about the mistakes on my selling posters (for which I apologize to you all... I cannot believe I actually wrote so many things wrong lol), and who's always a lot of fun when we get to have a little chat... and to all the others who kindly offered me friendship after I helped them at the store:)
OK... whoof... it was long so far, but now it gets to another kind of "friends". Yessss, the time has come to say something about my SL family!
Hehe, I mentioned my Daddy already, a VERY generous and kind japanese business man. He's so funny when he tries to fire away the ghosts and the snakes Mommy leaves around the club. He's actually the only person I owe my starting fashion-designing carreer to. I wouldn't have a little store, if it wasn't for him. So thank you so much!!!
He also introduced me to the rest of my family: my sisters and my brothers... they are so nice and we have so much fun keeping our family club going.... Lol... and Mommy! She is a huge part of the fun... she's so hyper all the time:)
I blow a big kiss to you all!!!
So, The Golden Temple seems to be the last of the "friendly" places, where Clio got her list filled up. (and I want to say Hi to all the people I met there thanks to my family, or just thanks to fate... that brought them there and gave me the chance to meet them... :) Many of them are still in their "newbiehood"... some already look great, some others were helped by me getting to a nicer look... and some are not even newbies, but just nice people I chatted to and I now have among my friends thanks to that place)
Hanf hanf hanf.... wooooo, my fingers are so sore now lol. I wrote a lot, and all because SL would not let me teleport :P!!!
Anyways, I know I let someone out (and if any of you notices he/she was let out, you're allowed to yell at me through comments... but you know... I'm not always fully connected to my brain... or maybe it's just my brain that often crashes... like SL...)... but I thought I'd just make a general list of all my SL best friends.
I did not write any name (... althought those who know me can easily get to know who the people I talked about are :)) because this is not meant to be some "friends-exhibit".
This page is a description of what SL friendships are like... so similar to RL ones. Everyone of the avatars I listed above is just a man/woman as me, and everyone (most likely) had the same experience. SL is not only a place where to be who we cannot be in RL, it's also a place to get to know a lot of people. And it all works just like in Real Life. You meet a person, somehow fate makes the 2 of you say "Hi" to each other and introducing yourselves, and if the conversation that followed was nice, you're just willing to see that person again... It's not different from what happens everyday when you leave for work or go shopping, jogging, to the movies... (or whatever else you might be doing while meeting people in RL).
So this was it. If anyone who's on SL read this post... I'd like to know what he/she thinks about SL friendships now.
And for all the rest, I hope you enjoyed reading about my luck with meeting people on SL (since I WAS lucky... all my friends are great).


Shari said...

Hey Clio!! I was just cleaning up my notecards and I saw this one about your blog which you probably sent months ago :) So, I decided to check it out! It's awesome, love the new store name and logo soooo cute!! Glad to see you are doing well for yourself! I miss ya!!!!


°Clio° said...

Cape! OMG... I just saw the comment... so long ago.
I miss you, too! I was so sorry when I saw I didn't have any time to come to work anymore... my own line was keeping me far too busy :-(
I am very very glad to hear from you! And that you found the notecard lol.
Thank you so much for all you have done for me, and all you have taught to me!
Many hugs, boss!