Officially out of NEWBIEHOOD!!!

Hey everyone!!!

Check out what all the efforts done so far took me to: my stunning and gorgeous new skin and hair lol.

Yes... it is the result of lots of work... if you consider how much I paid for them... but that's just the sacrifice (mhmmm... that's such a big word for it) one must make to get to look like this!!!

Hahaha, well, maybe not all of you will agree with me, but I LLLOVE my actual look. I went through a complete makeover (even though my shape is always same old Clio's shape lol).

So this is nowadays awesome Clio (lol...I say compliments to myself, how sad is that? :D :)

I had been thinking about what skin would be the best for AGES... and I finally ended up with this one you see me wearing on the picture. As many can imagine, buying a new skin highly damages a poor non-registered-still-almost-newbie's wallet... and in fact I did see the money in my account dangerously drop as soon as I got it. But come on... be honest? Isn't it worth it?

Getting over my proud for my new items, here is what makes this day very important: today I spent my first money on my looks, and I worn for the first time a non-free skin (and hair too).

I call it "getting finally out of my newbiehood" because untill now I went on wearing my free CS passport skin (which, methinks, is a WONDERFUL skin... at least compared to other freebies) and the free hair I got at Diversity hair (thanks to the "free hair for newbies" deal, obviously on John's advice:)). Yep... I had never bought anything but shoes and some of Cape's gowns. Today's new skin and hair are my first "big" buyings.

This kind of makes me wonder how I managed to keep myself from shopping for clothes and stuff for all this time. I was maybe just ok with all the freebies I had (and, let's say it: being a fashion designer does help in this, since I generally wear my own creations...).

So this is it:)

A brand new (gorgeous... lol) Clio :)


Keistar said...

Awesome skin Clio, can't wait to see it in real life. Or is that sl? haha

Love the tone - my you've been out in the sun!

°Clio° said...

Awwwww, thank you Key:)
lol, btw you did get to see me, huh? How great do I look? lol
Well, it did cost, so if it didn't look gorgeous I'd just kill myself (lmao).
Anyways thanks for the compliments;)